Mosquito Cafe

80% love it
Can't go wrong here
Everything on the menu, from the burgers to the entrees to dessert, follows a healthy, well-prepared formula. The friendly service and comfortable atmosphere make this cafe a top spot for lunch and dinner.


    • joeATL
      joeATL Over a year ago
      Hates it

      good food, slow services
      30 min wait for them to bring food out post ordering in line when you arrive.

    • alan.westbrook.984
      alan.westbrook.984 Over a year ago

      Good food but lacking in service element!
      The food was great but the service is lacking and needs to be improved. You stand in line to give your order to a pre occupied cashier that says "what would you like" then get a number to sit and wait. When food arrives, they bring you a napkin and silverware, drop off the food and never come back. It would be easy to put n a hostess and raise the bar with personalized service. If they are busy you may have to fight others behind you to rush a table and tackle it before they do. Quite odd to be honest but good food. Add service back into the experience and you would be at the top of the charts.